Monday, December 6, 2010

An amazing home in Belfiore di Foligno, Italy

While in Italy, we were very lucky to have Piera show us some sites that are definitely off the beaten path. Perhaps most amazing was a house in her hometown of Belfiore di Foligno owned by her friend Edvige.

In the 1920's all the rooms of this home and an adjoining one were painted in an art-deco style. The wall and ceilings are all adorned with magnificent patterns that are instantly recognizable as being from that era.

Sadly, the major earthquake of 1997 that hit central Italy cause major damage to these homes. Peggy saw this house back in 2003 on a previous visit to Malvarina and was saddened to see this great home in its damaged state.

Although the Italian government moves very slowly, it does move and the houses have now been almost completely restored. It is again a marvel!

One of my favorites was the room with the sunflower theme.
The detail is so striking.

Another room has equally detailed paintings on the wall and ceiling.

Here is another room showing the floor-to-ceiling detail.

The entry way to the house.

The greeting above the door in the entry way says,
 in at least one translation, "Welcome".

Edvige recounting the earthquake.

The adjoining house has many similarly beautiful
 rooms - here is just one.

The rooms in these homes are real masterpieces and it was nice to see them restored to their original luster. We felt very lucky to get a peek at these beautiful homes. 

~ Eric

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  1. HA! I found you -- finally!!!! Dave and I saw your parents at Dave H's dad's funeral yesterday, and they told us the name of your blog. You guys are having an obscene amount of fun. We both hate you. For real.