Friday, May 20, 2011

♥ Lua de mel = Honeymoon ♥

After anticipating their visit for many months, our friends Janine & Tom finally landed on Portuguese soil last week to celebrate their belated honeymoon.  They first spent several days at the beach near Gandia, Spain before navigating a dizzying array of modes of transportation to make their way to Braga. 

Tom strikes a noble pose in Guimarães

Although they seemed to enjoy the sites here,  it was definitely the quaffable local beverages and tasty foods that made the strongest impression.  If I was spewing a fun fact about 17th century Portuguese history and Tom's eyes started to glaze over, I knew it was time to refuel.  It is true that churches, palaces and castles eventually all start to look alike, but good Portuguese soup is a joy to behold.

Our day in Porto struck the perfect balance - a little history, a brief scenic boat ride, port wine tasting and a trough full of monkfish rice.  The only thing that marred this perfect day was the sight of the pasty beer-bellied shirtless guy on the boat (NO it wasn't Eric!).  So much for that nice scenery!!

Janine exits the Queen Mary Porto Princess
Overwhelmed by chocolate and wine at Kopke

Besides food and beverages, we shared stories and laughter that will keep me smiling for weeks.  It's hard being so far from these dear friends who live in Colorado, but Janine and I have successfully maintained our friendship which spans many decades.

Having the honeymooners here reminded me, yet again, how fortunate and grateful I am to have this extended second honeymoon in Portugal with Eric.  Initially, the thought of 9 1/2 months of non-stop quality 'us' time seemed a bit daunting, but it has been a marvelous gift.  I treasure our time together and the heaps of memories that we are creating.  I am a lucky girl !!


~ Peggy

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  1. Our favorite blog so far! We'll be back next week, how about it?
    Janine & Tom