Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And then there were none.

On the Avenida da Liberdade in Braga.

Suddenly, there are no more "tomorrows" for us in Braga, at least on this trip.   We leave in the morning to fly home before the sun comes up, so tomorrow here doesn't really count.  It will be a long day, spent traveling through Porto,  Madrid, and Philadelphia, before finally coming home to Minneapolis.

We've spent 9 1/2 unforgettable months in Portugal and have many wonderful memories.  We have been all over this end of Portugal and still feel like we've just scratched the surface of this amazing corner of Europe. 

The best part of our time here has been the amazing people that we've been able to spend time with.  Our hosts, João and his family, have been so hospitable - from the accommodations his family provided, to their second car we've borrowed for numerous trips, to the many times we've been welcomed at his parent's farm for family events.  It is hard to thank them enough.  But we keep trying - thanks!

Our neighbors here on Avenida da Liberdade - Conceição, Rui and Rita, and Luisa and Clara - have been lots of fun as well.  Full of stories and life, we've loved living here and will be certain to stop back next time we are in Braga.

There is a special place in my (Peggy's) heart for Silvia and Isabel from the gym.   They have kept me from getting too flabby from all of the delicious food and beverages we've enjoyed here, but more importantly they have been kind and supportive and I will miss them dearly. 

We are also lucky to count among our friends many restaurant owners and staff here in Braga.  Our conversations revolve around food and usually involve lots of gestures and pointing.   We've enjoyed their hospitality, warm smiles, and great food.  We will miss them even more than we will miss the vinho verde!

Although we are a bit sad to leave we are lucky that there are so many good reasons to go home.  We look forward to seeing friends, family, and, of course, the chickens again!

To those in New Mexico, Iowa, and Minnesota: We will see you soon!

To those in Braga: Thank you for a wonderful 9 1/2 months and we look forward to coming back and seeing you again!

~ Eric & Peggy


  1. Welcome home and thanks for the blog, it was great fun. See you soon.

  2. I'm going to miss your blog! I'm so glad that we discovered it, it helped us plan our itinerary in Portugal.

    Again, thanks for meeting with us, 2 strangers from CA/Mexico!

    Love and God Bless, Elenita y Howard Arturo

  3. Hi Guys! What a thrill to get a Christmas card - yes, it's Christmas again!!!
    So what's new since June 14th? Peggy, please send e-mail...seem to have misplaced yours! Either home or work will be fine!

    Hope 2012 is as good and/or much better than 2010- 2011! All my best and Tanti Auguri!