Friday, September 10, 2010

Bom Jesus do Monte

The beautiful 19th century church, Bom Jesus, is perched on a hill a few kilometers from Braga.  From our balcony, we can see it illuminated at night.  I take a peek at it each night, just to be sure it's still there.

There are 3 ways to ascend the 285 meter Baroque staircase that leads to the church - on foot (takes about 20-25 minutes), on knees (I assume it takes MUCH longer), or by water-powered funicular (3 minutes).  It's fun to watch the "driver" fill the tank of the cable car (built in 1882) at the top of the staircase in order to descend and pull the other car (now emptied of water) back up to the top.

 The staircase itself is magnificent and features the stations of the cross, fountains galore and several chapels.  One set of fountains pays homage to the 5 senses - it's a bit unsettling to see water squirting out of a small child's ears and nose! 
puppy enjoying a drink as the funiclar tank is filled with water

There are several hotels and restaurants near the church.  We enjoyed a huge buffet feast and were bursting at the seams after eating local specialties including salt cod with potatoes and chestnuts, duck rice, and octopus salad.  I helped myself to a huge scoop of what I thought were sauteed mushrooms, only to discover that they were sliced pigs' ears.  Like mushrooms only porky!!
~ Peggy
view of Braga from the top of the staircase

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  1. You may have been surprised by the pigs' ears, but now you don't have to change the blog to "Mushrooms and Port"