Saturday, September 25, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to Curves...

a tiny sign 2 blocks from my destination and 10 feet above my head helped lead the way

Before I left MN I discovered that there is a Curves (actually Curvas) in
Braga, so I planned to transfer my membership. I can only handle one or two
or 10 new experiences each day, so after we had been here for a week I
finally grabbed my trusty map and headed towards Curvas.

Curvas is located WAY north of the city center, so I walked for almost an
hour (slight detour due to poor signage and/or poor map-reading skills)
before I finally arrived. There was no sign out front AND it was in the
middle of a bunch of car dealerships. I was so confused!

Almost there!  Just past the VW service garage...
It's the mysterious unlabeled door on the right - found it!!

When I entered, the only way I knew I was in the right place was a tiny
sign that said, in Portuguese, something like NO MEN BEYOND THIS
POINT. I poked around until I found an employee. Although she claimed
to not speak much English, Silvia's English was excellent and she
explained that this was no longer a Curves location and that they are
changing over to become a different workout place (hence the lack of
signage). She still gave me a tour of the beautiful facility (locker rooms,
showers, sauna!!!) and let me work out though.

They still have all the Curves equipment, so I felt okay with that, BUT at
each station between a machine, the very perky employees lead the clients
in intensive, coordination-testing, cardio exercises. I was a sweaty mess
by the end. THEN, my new friend Silvia informed me that we were going
to do some abdominal and glute work. After working a bunch of muscles I
didn't even know I had, I thought I was done. No, then it was time to
stretch. I was there for an hour and a half and it was unlike any workout I'd
had in Minnesota, that's for sure.

I chatted with Silvia and the manager about joining the new club IF I could
find a bus that could get me there in a more timely manner. When they
realized that I had walked all the way from the south end of town, they
insisted on driving me back home. Isn't that incredible?? I declined, but
eventually caved in.  Silvia got the car keys from her boss and zipped me
back to our apartment. Almost 3 hours after I began my journey to Curvas,
I was ready for lunch, a shower and a nice long nap!!

Andrea and Silvia help keep the vinho and pastries from taking their toll on me

Since joining what is now the "Academia da Mulheres" 3 weeks ago, a staff
member has driven me home each time.  Finally this week I was able to wave
goodbye and slip away to the bus stop.  I was relived but I sort of missed
riding home with my kind and supportive workout dominatrices.

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  1. I applaud you for fighting the "pastry bulge." I, unfortunately am less inclined, just hoping the walking and stair climbing will keep me from gaining. I fear I am losing the battle. Perhaps this post will inspire me to find a gym. Argh...I wish you hadn't written this! :(